Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 ~ Fujicakes!

I brought my pink Fujiko dress out of retirement by request, as my friends Gino, Ferru, and Josh wanted pictures of their Lupin III costumes.  I haven’t worn it for quite a while, and it needed some repairs, but I think it ended up looking all right.

You can see much, much older pics of Fujiko here.The line-up.  That’s Ferru as Jigen, me (of course) as Fujiko, Gino as Lupin, and Josh in his new Goemon costume.

We used Gino and Ferru’s sister Tera’s pearls for this picture.  Typical Fujiko-chan, huh?  This is one of my favourite pics from the whole weekend.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn the dress, but it still fits just fine!  Actually, it fits better, since I’d tailored it to fit exactly, and just after I made it I was in a car accident and lost a lot of weight, so it hung off me pretty badly.  But now I’m back to fighting weight (or better), so it’s as it should be.


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