Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 ~ Go to DMC!

I’ve worn my Detroit Metal City Death Records president costume at Nekocon before, but that’s the only time.  You can see the early photos of that one taken by Big Danny T here, where I got to pose in front of the band’s setup before the Saturday cosplay.

But when I wore it to host the karaoke competition at Anime Mid-Atlantic, I had my friend Jami do my makeup.  I can barely even recognise myself here!  She did a great job (and also did my Cure Aqua makeup for the night after).

Krauser-tan here is my friend Viahna Lamarra.  Her oldest sister Veronica made a plaster mask so we wouldn’t have to paint her face.  The crowd loved her. ♥

The judges were Ricky (in the black shirt), Brakus (in the hat), and Veronica (in the red jacket).  Josh (in the orange shirt) was my tech genius, and Jami — who also did my makeup — was my co-host.  It was a tiring night, but it seemed to go really well.  I think next time maybe we’ll do a Bubblegum Crisis theme.


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