Alex Drake ~ The Accessories

Yunmao has talked on her own blog about how cosplay has to do with showing respect and admiration for characters.  I really love both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, and as soon as I saw Alex Drake I knew I wanted to make something of hers to wear.  She’s a very strong character, but so’s anyone who can stand up to Gene Hunt.

The one I’m making is the first thing you see her wearing when she arrives in 1981.  Basically she’s gone undercover as a prostitute.  So yes, I’m dressing as a tom.  But it’s such an interesting costume.

While I work on the dress I’m also pulling together all the accessories I need for it.  There’s one thing in particular I just got in that I’m very excited about.


This is a souvenir biscuit tin from Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.  And it cost me about £8 including shipping.  I was sure when I bought it that there must be something wrong with it for it to be so cheap, but it’s perfect!  This tin is very important in the last few episodes of Ashes to Ashes. I won’t tell you how because it would spoil the entire series!

I also have these:

Ruby slippers and black stockings.  My friend Megan helped me track down the shoes.  Alex wears ruby slippers a lot throughout the show.

I got the fur coat at Goodwill for about $10.  Alex’s is shorter, but since this is faux fur it should be easy to alter.  (Rick’s asked jokingly that I give credit to him for this find, but he’s quite right to ask.  I thought I was gonna pay through the nose for one of these.)

Rhinestone necklace and earrings, almost exactly like hers (just not as big).  You can also see a bit of the wig, which needs some styling, and the top bit of the dress.

Now comes actually finishing the dress, which hopefully won’t take much longer.  I can’t wait to wear this to Shore Leave — my friend is working on a Gene Hunt costume and from what I’ve seen it’s going to look perfect.  Hopefully I’ll have some dress photos to show soon.


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