Shore Leave ~ ‘Ashes to Ashes’

I can’t believe I finished, but I finished!  Got Bolly all done.  Or, for the non-fans, Alex Drake from ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ as mentioned in my previous entry when I was showing off accessories.

Never heard of it?  Here’s the official BBC site.  (Just, if you plan to watch it, don’t look at any of the videos, because there are huge spoilers.)

I also went looking for a Japanese-language website for it for Yunmao, who wanted to see photos — I at least wanted her to know what it’s about and who the characters are.  Do you know what it’s called in Japan?  I freaking love this.  「キケンな女刑事 バック・トゥ・80’s」 (‘Dangerous Woman Detective: Back to 80’s’).  イエス! ♥

So, without further ado, here is Detective Inspector Alex ‘Bollinger Knickers’ (ボリンジャニカズ???) Drake, upon arrival in 1981:

That’s Rick as Gene Hunt, down to his snakeskin boots (though one of the photographers requested that I commandeer his gun for this photo).

The last photo is courtesy of Ducky One from the Railway Arms forum, who nabbed us after the show for photos.  Thanks! ♥

Here’s the real pair in action:

Now, the dress itself.  It was made without a pattern, except for the elastic guide on the back.  I don’t actually own a dress form, but I had to find some way to drape it properly.  So I put the skirt together as much as I could, draped the top, and hand-sewed it to the bottom while I was ‘wearing’ it.  Then took apart the skirt again once it was stitched to the rest, hemmed and finished it all around, and punched the eyelets by hand.  44 of them!

I didn’t get a workmanship prize, but we did take second place in the Champion’s Cup division for our presentation, which is far more than I was looking for.  (I just wanted to show up and muck about, really, as usual.)  We also got a lot of people recognising us, which felt good.  I was a bit worried that the show hadn’t gotten enough air over here for that to happen, but at least one of the judges, some fellow competitors, and several photographers knew the characters.  It was fantastic!

So thanks again to all the people who came up and complimented us.  You all really made our night.  I do plan to do a bit more of Alex’s gear eventually, and I’ll post it when I do.  Now, though, gotta prep different costumes for another convention.  Oh boy!


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