More Alex Drake pics and a video!

Well, Rick’s uploaded our video from Shore Leave.  A couple bits of it are a little wonky (focusing on David at the beginning — lovely gentleman though he is — and then the pan-down of me … erm), but overall a good video.  Rick’s tweaked it to account for acoustics.

Also, a couple solo pictures cropped up, courtesy of our darling Em.

You can see the lovely tin in that first picture.  Still so happy about that!

Have just finished my second of Alex’s costumes, which I’ll be showing off later, and am working away on an original design to complement a new comic project I’ll be launching at Intervention.  Hopefully will have something to show soon!


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  1. Michael O'Brien
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 02:33:52

    I’m familiar with the ‘pan-down’ problem. In the Starfleet Vice episode we found and put on YouTube, the camera person expresses a bit more excitement about the “Dirty Pair” costumes our ladies wore than is really appropriate.

    More importantly, though, you and Rick did an awesome job with those outfits, and well deserved your award!


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