Staging an Intervention!?

This weekend was Intervention in Rockville, MD, staged by the fantastic Onezumi Hartstein.  I was a guest and had a table in Artist Alley, and also got to show off a few new costumes.  And new books!  Once I got the angry owls off my computer, anyway …

I got in late on the first day, unfortunately.  Lots and lots of Beltway traffic, and my GPS got me rather effectively lost because there’s a lot of roadwork and renovation going on.  So I didn’t get much time at the table ’til Saturday.  I was selling some of my ConScrew books, and also special issues from my new comic, Seraph Shell.

I sold a few of these, and so far I’ve been hearing good thing.  Re: this, I made a costume from the new comic as sort of shameless self-promotion.  The girl in question is Bessie Argine, who shows up on the site’s splash page but not in the comic proper yet.  Soon, though.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a good photo of her just yet, so all I have is my really classy cell phone camera pic.  You can’t see the little pink stripes, unfortunately. ._.

That was Saturday during the day.  Saturday evening, whilst in attendance at Super Art Fight, my friend Barb and I brought out a set of new costumes.  She’d wanted to do a Velma costume from Scooby Doo, so I stepped up to be Daphne.


And then later that night … oh, boy.  I was told to save this for the ‘adult programming’ track.  I think I look a bit knackered in these pics, but here you go.  My newest Alex costume from 「キケンな女刑事 バック・トゥ・80′s」 … I mean, Ashes to Ashes (sorry, that’s just one of the coolest title translations ever).  It’s that weird little corset kitty thing she wore on the yacht in series 1:

You can’t see too well, but the tag (at a friend’s behest) says ‘Property of the Gene Genie.’  I was getting a lot of leers from the menfolk (and some of the womenfolk!), but no one there to defend my honour!!!  もう~ ジーン ハントはどこ?!!?!?!?

I’ll be sure to post more pictures as they come in.  Thanks to everyone who complimented me on my costumes/comics/whatever, and who bought comics as well.  Next up will be Nekocon with new costumes and another stint in Artist Alley.  Oh boy …


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  1. Michael O'Brien
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 02:57:20

    Great costumes, all of them, and I do hope to see one of those special issues at some point!

    I’m very impressed with the sleeves on Bessie’s dress. I don’t know how to do those yet, and I’m going to need to learn, but yours look completely perfect. Very nice!

    As for the Alex costume… I’m not sure how to express my appreciation without sounding skeevy. So I’ll just say you look striking, in the best possible sense 🙂

    Thanks for posting these!


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