The Con of Nekos.

Nekocon really didn’t want to happen at all.  I had so much difficulty getting there!  First my car’s battery died … then the truck bringing me a new battery?  Its battery died.  Also, the wrong shipment of books came in, so I was down quite a bit of merchandise.  Weekend sales were very slow, I was tired, I was missing some costume pieces that I’d hoped to show off, and … well, you get the idea.  I still had fun getting to see my friends, though!

I brought four costumes, but I only had the time to wear two.  Still, I got a lot of new pictures of both, so here you go:

A GOOD full shot of Bessie, at last!

Bessie at table, with some of my art.

These are pictures of Bessie Argine from my new webcomic, Seraph Shell.  She won’t be showing up for quite a while yet, but when she does, this is what you’ll see her in most often!  I love the boots I found for her.  I always imagined her wearing something like that, but never thought I’d find some that matched my design so closely.I also wore Ranka’s white dress — very simple-looking but rather difficult to make — for a bit of Saturday.

Ranka with iSlug. My cell phone is in it!

My friends Michael and Celia also cosplayed with me … though Michael may not be what you’re expecting …

Michael is Sheryl, and Celia is Klan Klang!

Klan getting a bit affectionate with Ranka.

All three of the MacF ... er ... ladies?

Michael crossplays a lot, and we were going to do a skit with his wife as Alto(!!!), but unfortunately things didn’t work out so that could happen.  But a lot of people seemed to like our costumes.  Celia’s Klan wig actually works a lot like my Ranka one, with the bits clipping in.

When I wasn’t cosplaying, I got to spend some time with the guys from Super Art Fight.  Saturday night, we spent some time getting dinner at Kelly’s.  It’s great to see them outside SAF for a change … though Jami Noguchi got more than he bargained for when he ordered a ‘crabcake hamburger.’

A crabcake on your burger so you can treif while you treif.

I didn’t get to do much of the Saturday night dance — a pity, as my friend Rob was DJing — but I got to go to at least a little of it before I finally went to bed.

Sunday I was in Artist Alley again and got to do a commission at my table.  This was a superhero that someone asked me to draw.  He said to draw her either flying or beating up robots.  Why not both?


I think I’ll be taking off from Anime USA … I was going to have a new cosplay for it, but I’m too tired to go and it’s not ready yet.  I’ll be at MarsCon next in January, then Katsucon in February … and at Katsucon I’ll get to see Yunmao again!  I’d better make sure all my cosplay is extra-good when I see her.


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  1. Marian
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 18:49:53

    love the boots for Bessie, and gloves are a big thumbs up too. Of course love Ranka cell phone, and the white dress sweet!


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