MarsCon: The Luna-C Show

Well, while I’m waiting for information and pics to come in on the other stuff I did this past weekend at MarsCon, I’ll write up the big thing, which was my performance with Luna-C.

We always have a big (and very receptive) crowd at MarsCon, and the attendance was up by about 200 this year so we had our fair share of amused spectators.  Everything was fresh this year, and except for a wardrobe malfunction and my inability to remember a couple words of Chinese in a Firefly skit, I think I did all right.  The rest of the cast certainly did.

My main personal concern was I’ve had a bad cold for several days and my voice was almost completely gone.  Fortunately I had enough to get through the afternoon.  After that … not so much.

Hopefully there’ll be some videos up soon of skits, but in the meantime, here are some photos taken by Barb Fischer of the performance.

First were self and Cheri doing our robot tech support skit — ‘Robo-Tech.’  (Get it?)  Usually Rob plays the robot, but he wasn’t here this year and I’m the only other person who will fit the robot suit.  Ten points if you can name the robot!

'I will have to re-frag your hard drive.' 'Don't you mean defrag?' '... NO!'

One that we’ve done at a couple cons recently is a Fringe parody.  I haven’t actually seen Fringe (yet), but it involves someone getting beaten up by a giant cat paw played expertly by young Cora Baisch.

'Walter, do we need to have that talk about using other people as guinea pigs?'

After that was the first of our two Twilight skits, ‘Pro-Fic Writer’ (a throwback to an oldie but goodie of ours, ‘Fanfic Writer’).  Basically depicting Stephanie Meyer as a frustrated fanficcer using her writing to live her bizarre gothy teenage fantasies vicariously.  So no rooting in reality whatsoever.

'Stalker much?!' 'No, he's protecting her! It's sooooo romantic ...'

Throughout the show we had references to the new series of Geico commercials (if you haven’t seen them, here’s an example).  I showed up in two as the Eleventh Doctor trying desperately to do a card trick a la the Christmas special.

'Is THIS your card?' 'No!!!'

The next was a two Masters skit (we’ve done a lot of multiple Doctor skits, so this one’s a bit fun), featuring ‘End of Time’-version Saxon and Anthony Ainley-era Master.  Lots of food jokes.

'I still have to get even with Pete Townshend for changing the lyrics to my song. It was SUPPOSED to be "Talkin' 'Bout My Regeneration.'

One I wasn’t in delved a bit into social commentary — angry protestors?  There’s an ape for that.  Much beating-up ensued.

A nice Stargate/Gilligan’s Island homage with the Professor trying to come up with new power sources involving coconuts, palm fronds, and … er … lime juice … followed by … malware.  Or is that Mal-wear?  A new Firefly skit with me as Kaylee (a part I seem to play a lot) pulling some of Mal’s, er, wear out of Serenity’s engine.


'Moo goo gai pan! A THONG, Mal?' 'The WORST kind of Mal-wear!'

We had a Primeval skit, partly because half the cast (including myself) watches it, and partly because the new and unexpected fourth series just started.  Was pleasantly surprised when a 15-year-old girl informed me the following day that she loved the skit because she’s a huge Primeval fan.  This was a one-off of the ‘Boot to the Head’ skit by The Frantics.


'You are lucky, Connor. Few novices experience so much of my training so soon.'

Another Twilight skit after that, one I helped write and am rather proud of, featuring a proper old-school vampire trying to teach Edward what one actually does with swooning women.


'Look at her! Ze bosoms going in and out and up and down like that!'

The last of the Geico skits pointed out that, while Klingons make bad babysitters, Vulcans make excellent ones.  We even managed to slip in a reference to Keith Decandido’s reference to us in his Star Trek novel Articles of the Federation.


'How do you do that!?' 'It's the ears.' 'Again, the ears!'

A bit back, Michael wrote a skit that would allow me to use my American McGee’s Alice costume onstage … as well as one of his costumes.  (Michael, incidentally, was our Sheryl Nome at Nekocon.)


'This must be a new edition of the Reverend's book: "Alice's Adventures Through the Police Evidence Locker".'

And finally, a Harry Potter skit to close out.  An homage to the Blackadder the Third episode “Sense and Senility,” with the inability to mention Macbeth replaced with an inability to say the name ‘Voldemort.’


'Call him the Dark Lord ... or He Who Must Not Be Named ... or ... BOB!'

And that was us.  A good show all ’round.  No one died in any sense of the word, the audience applauded, and then at least a few of us went out and partied. The end.

I’ll do a full MarsCon report with new costume, art table adventures, and zombie snacks within the week.  I hope.

Walter do we need to have that talk again about using others as guinea pigs?


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  2. Barb
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 14:24:18

    It’s not exactly a Luna-C shot, but the shot of the cute dessert from Friday night is in my other Marscon album on FB if you want to grab it. 🙂


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