MarsCon: … and the rest.

So, prior to this I gave a run-down of Luna-C’s MarsCon show, because I knew that would take up more than one normal-sized entry.  Here’s the rest, some nifty pics, and a bit on the new special friends I made there.  Of course.

First off, apologies to anyone I didn’t catch this weekend.  I didn’t even make it into the hotel Friday night because I was fighting off some sort of plague.  I ended up staying at the Comfort Inn about half a mile up the road, and was sent to bed after dinner so I could take Robitussin and rest up.  (Of course, I spent my room-time playing on my computer and sewing while I waited for the ‘tussin to kick in.)

Dinner that night was with Barb and Chris and the Moose (Barb’s son) at Carrabbas.  Now, I go there with my family pretty much every week, but they have chicken soup and very neat desserts so I never mind going more than that.  If you haven’t ever been, you should go and check out their bacinos — not as cute as Japanese desserts, but I had to snap a pic for Yunmao (especially considering there were strawberry ones):

The next day I spent at my table, which was in Main Programming, which meant I got to see all the shows going on there throughout the weekend and the various science and game tables set up early Saturday.  One of the things I love about MarsCon: you get some of the most random stuff available to you, like jugglers and face painting and even a college Quidditch team!

Liquid nitrogen experiments near my table.

A veritable Lego playground.

I can't actually remember what was going on here.

Later in the afternoon was the Luna-C performance (as mentioned before).  It went really well, and I was (as always) happy to talk with audience members afterward.  Was also quite pleased to meet Keith DeCandido, writer of many tie-in comics and novels, and a Luna-C fan!  He wrote us into his Star Trek novel Articles of the Federation.

Later that night, Rick and I did our annual Doctor Who panel, where we cover any new and upcoming stuff in the general Whoniverse.  Keith sat in with us (quite rightly), and we had a nice full room and a fun crowd. Even learned some stuff there myself.

Oh, right.  I should probably mention that at this point I was wearing my newest costume: Mirror-Sue from Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk’s Star Trek fan parody comic Ensign Sue Must Die! Basically it’s an alteration of the typical Trek Mirror Universe uniform, with a few gothy alterations.  I’d been telling Kevin for a while that I’d be doing this, and I finally got around to it.  The reaction was … er … interesting.  I got invited up to a couple rooms.  ._.

Empress Sue of the Terran Empire

With Rick in his 6th Doctor costume.

Also got to hit a few room parties and catch up with some people — including Michael Pederson, the chair of RavenCon, which I will be going to again this year and which you should all go to because it’s fantastic and fun.

Sunday at my table, I got to see a performance by the Boogie Knights (whom I rarely get to see perform), a fantastic parody group with a rather tweaked sense of humour — check ’em out if you can.

Another new friend this weekend: Beck Seashols, an artist whose cuteness knows no bounds.  She actually does some adorable trading cards for LucasArts, and introduced me to the joys of “artist trading cards” and Copic markers.  We did a very fun trade: I got her to do Mina of Seraph Shell for me, and of me she requested — Wonder Woman holding a kitten.  With glitter.  Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture of mine, but here’s hers for me:

Mina Mina Mina!!!

One more name-check for the weekend: the Heritage Humane Society, a local animal shelter that promotes themselves at MarsCon every year.  Their dogs and cats are the talk of the con, and the charity auction raises a fair bit of money for them.  I love shelters and shelter animals, but as much as I’d love a dog again, my tiny flat would be wrong for one.  However, they said they had 10-month-old guinea pigs who’d been dropped off by some college girls, and I had plenty of room for a third young lady in the bottom cage.

So … say hello to Zommy!

'Zommy' is short for 'Zombie Snack.'

Zommy had been named Stacy, but I like my name better.

This weekend I’ll be going to Super Art Fight at the Ottobar in Baltimore.  I’ll be reporting on it for Geeking Out About … but I’ll try to get some pictures here as well.  For now, it’s back to Katsucon prep …


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