Photoshoot ~ Bessie Argine

So I’ve been a bit distressed at just how many of my cosplay photos (i.e., almost all of them) are in hotel hallways, and I figured something needed to be done about this quite badly.  I’ve never actually done a proper photoshoot, and my friend Megan said she’d be all over helping me with that.

When I went to see her this past weekend, she said to bring a costume with me and we’d see what we could do.  I’ve had a couple decent photos here of one I designed for one of my comics (an important character, just biding my time introducing her). Honestly, the only thing I’ve been missing from this costume is a good long wig — her hair is meant to be rather long and pinned up like she’s always in a hurry and can’t be bothered.  Megan just happened to have something perfect.

Given it’s something of a Victorian setting, she took us out to Maymont, an old estate with gardens and carriages and all manner of shiny things.  We headed out late in the day, so the natural light was pretty amazing.

And I’m not even gonna try to sound like an expert here.  On with the pics.

'Look like you're taking over the world.' I love how this shows off the skirt and the crinoline under it.

Sundials ... how do THEY work?

You couldn't Photoshop a sky that blue.

Megan really did like this one particular pose.

I admit, it's adorable, but it really does nothing for my insistence that I'm not as young as people think I am.

Megan requested that I 'smile like I'm about to KICK YO PUPPY.' I do not know why this worked.

Not that anyone will know yet, but this is probably the most 'in character' one of the set.

Megan put this one up as a teaser. I rather like it, and it's a good shot of the wig and how it's done up.

Again, another really good one for the character -- again, not that anyone will know yet.

Pretty close-up of the gloves.

And this is the one I decided to share first.

No words for how much I love this one. She'd hoped to be able to take one through a window, but we couldn't get it lined up properly. This worked just as well, though.

Slightly different pose/angle. Love the look of the reflection here.

At this point, she could just say 'Puppies' and I'd start laughing. We caught the last bit of sunlight here.

I really enjoyed myself out there — hoping I get to do more, and Megan is a fantastic photographer, as you can see.  I will say she just saw the first episode of Ashes to Ashes (and thus the source of my red dress from Shore Leave) and has informed me that she’s already getting ideas.  I may have to start getting that one ready …


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JJ
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 05:59:07

    Those are beautiful shots of you! Great job on the photographer! *_*


  2. Michael O'Brien
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 14:04:48

    That’s so incredibly cool. The wig looks so natural on you – it’s really an excellent look. I’ve never done a photoshoot, the most I’ve managed is posing in front of backgrounds once or twice. I love how it immerses your character in the setting.

    Rock on!


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