Katsucon 17: A Quick Rundown

It was incredibly annoying that I was late getting into Katsucon this year … I wasn’t feeling well all day, and I hadn’t finished packing when I was feeling better … and my sewing room was a mess and I didn’t want to leave it that way.


When I did finally get in, I eventually managed to make it around to everyone to say hi.  I didn’t bother setting up my table in Artist Alley that night, so apologies to people who were looking for me then.  I did manage to get some photos done of my new costume (pics from that in a future entry), both by my friend Megan and my friend Yunmao!

This weekend she had a new costume. みくるビーム!!!!

After dinner we went cosplay-hunting.  A lot of Panty and Stocking this year, some Macross Frontier, and even some Lupin III. I’m sure Yunmao will put up several of the pics on her own blog when she writes up the con.  I only get to see her about once a year, so that’s one of the reasons I love going to Katsucon.  She was also rather keen on my newest costume … you’ll see more about that in an entry to follow.  うふふふふ~

Also had to make sure to go to the dance, since Rob was DJing with our friend Andrew.  Sadly couldn’t stay for all of it — strobes — but I liked what I could hang around for.

Dutch Angle ravin'.

Rob and Andrew spinning


Also got my birthday presents from Rob, one of which was actually in four parts … he bought me one of these last year at Katsucon but it got stolen from the bathroom.  Not so much this time.


Right, so other excellent cosplayers I saw over the course of the weekend.  I’d heard tell of some roaming Stigs out there, but this was the first time I actually saw one in the wild — here with my new Mirror Sue costume (from Ensign Sue Must Die!) …

Some say ... his teeth are made of fold quartz ... and that he wears his con badge inside out ...

I saw him up close and he was utterly perfect.  Even had the right suit.  (I should probably note that I am in four-inch heels in that picture, if that gives you any idea of height.)

There was also the rather entertaining Tenth Doctor that swung by my table …

The mask just makes it, doesn't it?

And … oh, Jesus!

No, seriously!

Thanks to everyone who came out and bought books, all the great guests, the people in the masquerade this year (which was exceptional), and all that nonsense.  Soon I will be putting up a huge number of photos of the newest costume … well, you’ll see.


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