Photoshoot ~ Alex Drake

I’ve had a lot of things (both pleasant and unpleasant) going on in the ol’ life lately — death of a pet, injury that’s going to require physical therapy , eksettara — and sadly, these things have prevented me from doing my RavenCon report like I’ve been wanting to.  I promise within the next week you’ll see some super Luna-C stuff courtesy of our awesome photographer and videographer.

A bit back I posted some pics and video of my Alex Drake costume from Ashes to Ashes.  Well, the lovely Megan — having now seen a bit of the first series of said show after finishing Life on Mars — asked if I’d bring the dress up to her place for some photos.  Full makeup, a good 20 minutes of curling (and far more waiting) to get my hair pretty damn close to proper, and some absolutely astounding locations made for a very nice photoshoot indeed.

A clip for the uninformed (and sadly, BBC America has only shown two of the three series and doesn’t seem to want to put out DVDs) …

And now, here’s my version:

For those familiar with the show, particularly the first episode — is that bridge not utterly perfect?  It’s in Richmond, as are the rest of the locations.

Someone's got a new Facebook profile picture.

A bit of nice light from overhead. We had a few spectators, too.

Over the shouder. Geez, that's a short skirt ...

Up against the wall ... compare this to the older pictures ...

'Help me, I've been shot!!!'

For some reason, this seems to embody the Alex character more than many of the other photos.

So thanks again to the awesome and gorgeous Megan for making this happen.  It was hot as hell out, but very fun, and I even got Arby’s at the really good place up in Richmond. ♥

As I said, proper RavenCon stuff soon, I promise!


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