AMA 2011: Terrible Utena Prom Dresses!

A bit back, my friend Camille (beautiful cosplay lady for whom I don’t actually have a good URL) suggested that a group of us make the terrible dresses from the end of the third episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Well, she already had it in her mind to make Utena’s, but she wanted some cosplay support.

Utena's wedding cake thing on the right ...


And that blue thing of Keiko's, also on the right.


Many years ago I did a Keiko cosplay with my college anime club, so I figured if I was going to do an Utena cosplay, it might as well be her.  We’d had a larger group planned, but things fell through, so it ended up being Camille and self.  Thus!

Random hall photo!

Pretty Utena and scheming Keiko.

Little does Utena know that Keiko's plotting an evil scheme to embarrass her girlfriend with a dissolving dress ... wait, what?


And when you wear an unfortunate dress, what’s the best thing to do?  That’s right …



Hoping in the next few days to have a few more pics of other costumes from AMA, including — gasp — some from last year!


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