Tidewater Browncoats’ ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’ Big Damn Shindig!

On 11 June, Luna-C was invited to perform at the second annual Big Damn Shindig at the Naro Expanded Cinema, hosted by the Tidewater Browncoats.  The event raised money for Joss Whedon’s two favourite charities, Equality Now and The Samaritan House.  In addition to our performance at the front end of the afternoon, there were vendors, short films, and — the big entertainment of the day — big-screen showings of both Serenity and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

After expenses, CTST netted $947.50 for Equality Now and $353.50 for Samaritan House — down from last year, apparently, but still very impressive!  The turnout was great, and the crowd was very fun.  We’ve done Firefly skits at cons before, but we’ve never had a crowd that got every single joke in every single skit.  I’m still very flattered that I got to be a part of a performance at the Naro — I’ve been for both films and Rocky Horror shadow-casts, but have never performed there myself!

The show featured some new skits written specifically fir the event, as well as a handful I’ve mentioned on here.  I was, as usual, Kaylee.  And while there was a Browncoat there who put my Kaylee costume to shame (even had the parasol!), I like to think I went over at least all right enough for the show itself.

Keep your eyes on the Browncoats’ website, because there will be more updates coming soon on the event, including (I hope) photos and video!  They’ve also got another event or two in mind, including next year’s charity shindig and a possible fall showing of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.  If you’re in the Hampton Roads area whenever they’ve got something on, be sure to swing by and show your support!


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