Photoshoot ~ Loli … goth … thing.

So I was planning to get photos taken of my Misato costume, but it wasn’t done in time for the shoot.  (It’s done now, though, so expect pics of it before too much longer.)  So instead, I headed up to Megan’s place with a dress Kami gave me and a few random wigs.  With the help of some of Megan’s very cool accessories, we assembled a neat outfit for a photoshoot at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

I’d never been out there, but it’s a very cool place, with many famous historical figures buried there and a lot of wild headstones and mausoleums.  So a lot of neat spots for photos.  It was a hot day out, but despite that and a lot of uphill walking, we had good fun.

It was a little windy, but that made the wig look so cool ...

I bought this watch about a year ago at Shore Leave. Love it.

Megan loves taking pictures of hands. But these are also awesome gloves.

In a mausoleum toward the far end of the cemetery.

This is gonna be my album cover when I become a rock star.

And then we went back to Megan’s place and ate pizza and watched Ashes to Ashes.   A pretty great Saturday. ♥

One very cool thing at the cemetery is the Iron Dog — a great big dog statue that stands guard over a little girl’s grave.  Apparently it’s the stuff of local legend in Richmond.

The picture is from the blog Richmond on the James, which also has a bit of story about the origin of the dog and its relocation to the gravesite.

Unfortunately, I’m having to cancel my trip to NADWcon, which means I won’t be showing off the Susan Sto Helit costume I was hoping to finish … maybe before long.  I have two others to show off, after all.  ネクスト….. ミサト!!!!


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