MarsCon 2012!

I think I’ve mentioned before that MarsCon was my first ever convention.  I’ve been going since I was 18 and … well … I’m 30 now, so that should say something.  I’ve been going there longer than many cons have even existed.

Well, it’s 2012, so a lot of cons have this sort of ‘End of the World’ vibe going on.  In this case: zombie apocalypse.

This friendly fella was out front for photo-ops.

I know zombies are a big thing right now with The Walking Dead going on, and they’re in danger of being overdone … but you’ve gotta admit, they had some pretty cool signs out.

This led to Main Programming.

And this led to their con suite, which actually served full free meals to all the congoers all weekend.

Artist/Author Alley was, as it has been for a few years, arranged around the outer edge of Main Programming.  This means you get several people walking through and you get to watch a lot of the events, but it can be tough when you want to talk to people and possibly sell a few books.  Regardless, I got to sit next to Barb and Chris for the weekend, so this was a good thing.

Impink was his usual calm and collected self.

Now, in all my years of going, I’ve never actually made Opening Ceremonies, so I didn’t know the joy of their champagne toast.  That’s right.  Free champagne (or non-alcoholic equivalent) for all gathered, to start the con.


This is how I started my MarsCon 2012 experience.

Being as I was stationary for a good part of the weekend, I was able to sit back and catch some other people’s costumes for a change:

Adorable 'Doctor Who' girls.

I worked on this costume for myself but never finished -- that's a real razor (but dulled)!

A punk goth zombie girl who came by my table a few times.

Had to get a picture of Michael!

... oh.

A lovely full-sized two-person puppet from Fuzz & Stuffing!

Alice and Luigi zombie kids ... O_O;;;

Well, as you may have guessed, I didn’t get to do much costume-wearing of my own.  I forgot my wig cap (dummy), and I was in the Motel 6 across the way anyway.

I ended up sitting two panels, though.  The webcomic panel was very fun.  Our annual Doctor Who panel, sadly, did not go so well.  To put it as diplomatically as possible, there was a bit of disruption from people there, and the moderators lost control.  I felt bad later when I went to parties and heard that people were rather displeased with it.  Hopefully next year we can do it properly again.

The panel attendees before the whole thing went wiggy.

This is just a shark balloon.

And this is just a ... hm.

All things considered, it was a good con.  I got to meet some cool people at my table, the Luna-C show went well (and I will be posting pics and things from it in a later entry), and I got to see people I pretty much never see but once or twice a year.  With the exception of that one fiasco, it was a great time.

And I’ll be going back next year.  Provided we all survive.


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