Photoshoot ~ Misato Katsuragi


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted in here, and now I’ve got about three things to tell people about before my next convention this month.

I was finally allowed to get away from the apartment post-surgery around Christmas, and I’ve been loath to sit at home doing nothing ever since.  Most of all, I’ve been pleased to be out and about to do photoshoots with Megan again.

One costume I’ve had sitting around is Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and here’s the thing about that one: I’d never considered doing this until Yunmao said I’d pull it off well.  The fact of the matter is, I figured there weren’t any Eva characters I could do well, where as she’s pulled off both Mari and Asuka.  But she suggested this, several people backed it up, and this happened.

We took the photos at Megan’s friend Pete’s apartment complex — a very high-end place enough within Richmond proper to get a nice skyline full of buildings.  Perfect for this character.




We went to a local wine and beer shop attempting to find some Japanese beer, but no such luck.  We ended up finding a local flowery thing in a can that looked Japanese enough, and it did the trick.  So … I ended up drinking half a can of beer during the shoot and before lunch.  Heigh-ho.


Funny, but in this shot I think I look more like my friend Angela than I do myself.


I knew the motion/pose I had to do, but it's very hard to do that properly in still pictures.



Things did not go entirely according to plan.


I look like I'm about to kill someone, but I don't know who.


A candid as I contemplated my beer, but I suppose it works.



'How much did I have to drink ... and how did I end up in this swimming pool!?!?!?'


Look at that cityscape. Seriously, look at it.

Thanks as always to Megan for the makeup and amazing camera-work, and to Pete for letting us into this awesome building.  Oh, and to Yunmao for suggesting this — good call!

I hope you guys like zombies and stuff, because there will be a MarsCon report coming very soon indeed.  And perhaps in the next week or so I can let people know what my genius Katsucon plans are.  Thanks for your patience so far!


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