MarsCon 2012 ~ Bringing the Luna-C

Of course I didn’t forget about the Luna-C show!  But Katsucon prep has been a bother, mainly because I keep forgetting to do it.  Heigh-ho, if all goes well I won’t be pulling an all-nighter this year.

But that’s not the point for now.  Nope, the point for now is our magnificent Luna-C performance at MarsCon, with skits from just about everything.

First up, Cheri and Chris got some good use out of their Stormtrooper armour in this one-off of an Abbot and Costello skit.  This one was new, and they nailed it first time out.  It was hilarious to watch.

Your eyes do not deceive you; Chris is totally as tall as he looks.

We had a fewFireflyskits from the Browncoats shindig last year that we knew worked, so we brought those out.  This was a fun one with Obi-Wan Kenobi looking for a ship …

We love our Firefly skits, but that's okay because so does everyone else.

And then, with all the Ghostbusters talk of late, we had to make sure to ride that.  A ghost (an unexpectedly ‘friendly’ one) was loose in the MarsCon hotel.

The one on the right is Doc, not an official member of Luna-C but fantastic in this skit.

I had a walk-on as a con attendee. Nailed it.

Another Firefly skit next, and one of my favourites. Serenityhas a new shepherd, and he’s a bit friendly, too.  Likes the idea of handing out ‘blessings.’

This is a rewrite of an older skit, and I get to sit offstage and giggle at a good portion of it.

Michael as Father ... er ... Mike, actually.

We can’t do a show without at least one Doctor Who skit, so we brought out one we’ve been tinkering with — the Doctor explaining the birds and the bees to poor Rory.  I think I may have flubbed my lines a bit.

We had a sound cue mix-up that sort of threw us; I'd like to try this one again.

Next up was a BBC-version Sherlock skit that was a bit of a Cook/Moore throwback, but modernized with a fangirl blogger.

No offense, but I coulda done without the ad-libbed snipe at the Guy Ritchie flicks. Sorry, I believe in Love All The Sherlocks.

Another tweaked skit then … to ride the whole Breaking Dawn thing, we had Bella going in to give birth to little Renesme.  (I’m still learning stuff about that book — her name really is ‘Renesme’).  But just when the little girl starts going completely nuts, who should step in but yours truly as her soulmate.

Hi Mom.

The Spock/Yoda skit is one of my faves.  We have a “rotation” we do so we don’t end up doing skits back-to-back at the same cons each year.  I’m always glad to see this one show back up in rotation whenever we can use it.

Oldie and goodie, with a few reboot jokes tossed in.

I understand our ‘Outdoor Cooking with Hermione’ skit actually used to be a Xena skit, but that’s long before I came into the group.  It’s essentially just a string of bad puns — which is just the kind of skit I love.

A good slapstick finisher.

And that, as they say, is that.


There were other skits, but not all of them had clear photos handy.  But if you come to a show, you’ll get the full effect.

Luna-C will be at Farpoint this coming weekend while I’m at Katsucon.  So if you opt for the former con instead of the latter, go have a look.  They’ll be back again (and I’ll actually show up) at RavenCon in April, so you will have many chances.

And if you’re at Katsu this weekend, swing by my table in Artist Alley!  It’s, er, a bit vaster than MarsCon, but hopefully you’ll be able to spot me.


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