Katsucon 18 ~ Everyone else’s amazing cosplay.

Well, Katsucon was massive this year, and that was likely to do with the presence of the World Cosplay Summit.   Then again, Katsu’s been growing pretty consistently … but there was an excess of 12.5K in attendance, to the point that a friend of mine actually had to run out and get more badges printed.

So, dang.  Thanks for the awesome turnout.

Now, I did get a couple photoshoots done courtesy of the awesome Paul Karpey, but I’ll be posting those at a later date.  First I’ve got a respectable number of pictures that actually have nothing to do with me.  Because seriously … the cosplay this last weekend was somewhere between stunning and bizarre.  Stunzarring.  Clearly.

First off, though … if you’ve never been to the Gaylord National Harbor, find an excuse to.  It’s enormous, with gorgeous rooms and a small village on the bottom floor.  We call it ‘Macross City’ for a reason.

View of the harbor.

On one of the upper levels.

Looking down at Macross City.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Okay, so … costumes.  Yes.  Lots of costumes.  A few dozen ponies …

Derpy and Discord.

Rarity is best pony.

Three of the Mane Six.

A handful of Sherlocky types …

Of both the Moffat variety ...

... and the Ritchie.

A fair representation of the magical girl set …

Proper old-school Cutie Honey!

This is the only other person besides myself and my friends I've ever seen cosplay PreCure in person.

One of the many Puella Magi.

Being Meguca is suffering.

A bit of Black Rock Shooter, one of my new loves …


Sweet Jegus.

So much Tiger & Bunny I couldn’t even start to get them all …

Awesome armour.

Her ice may be a little cold ...

Some Disney princesses …

Took this one for my aunt.

Disney princesses at rest.

A bunch of Roses …

With cake ...

... and without.


No, seriously!!!

A robot also came by my table.  That was interesting.

Uh ... everything okay over there?

Have you got this?

Yeah, okay, you've got this.

... wait ... what the ... no, NO!!! GO AWAY!!!

ああああああああああ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

And here are the rest … if you see yourself in any of these pics, feel free to grab them for yourself, and please e-mail me with your name if you want it up here.  (And a link, if you’d like.)

A little bit o' 'Black Butler' for ya.

And a little bit of 'Blue Exorcist.'

Kona is Haruhi? Haruhi is Kona? Oh, screw it. /0

This is not a cosplay. It is my crabcake lunch. But I thought you'd like to see it.


Nurse Chapel from 'Star Trek.'

Arsene; or, proof I'm not the only person in the world who watched 'Milky Holmes.'


... oh.

Tony and Pepper. I adore them because they actually started bickering with each other in front of my table. パーフェクト!!!

Always get pics of Assassin's Creed. Always.

And last but by no means least ... our favourite girls.

Phew!  Well, that’s at least a small segment of the awesomeness I saw last weekend.  Pics of my own personal costumes coming at some later date.  Enjoy, and if you see yourself, steal dat pic. ♥


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  1. GoodbyeNavi
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 01:38:55

    It’s like no matter what convention you go to, no matter where, there is Jesus Christ.


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