Okay, this was a long time in coming.  But I’m catching up to so many things now that it’s about time.

Myself, Angela, Megan (who did a lot of the awesome photos you’ve seen so far), and Viahna banded together this past Katsucon to cosplay Hibiki, Kanade, Eren, and Ako from Suite PreCure!, last year’s addition to the PreCure franchise.  We got awesome photos by badass cosplay photographer Paul Karpey.  We also had Hummy.  And colour-coordinate cupcakes.  Check them out!


Kaaanaaaadeeee …

Squishy kitty paws calm the savage Kanade.

We are PreCure!

Oh look, glasses.

Nice glasses, Ako. Are they real?

Seriously, are they? Or are you just Clark Kenting?

Having an Ako of the right age was fun.

get down from there cat. you are not a classy chapeau you are a cat.

i said get down from there cat.

Hibiki and Hummy.

Hummy … our cupcakes …

Hibiki why you do.


Fighting over the princess.

The main two and the mascot.

Hummy likes sitting on heads for some reason.

What’s even going on here …

Coming soon, equally overdue Ravencon photos!  Thanks for your patience!


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