Photoshoot ~ Excellen Browning

I love Super Robot Wars (both the anime and the games — I’m actually playing my way through the end of Destiny and α2 right now), and Excellen’s been my favourite character ever since we first met her.  It’s a cosplay I’ve put off doing for years, but I finally got around to it.  It’s not as recognisable as a lot I do, but when someone knows who it is?  It’s fantastic.

There really needs to be more SRW love, because it’s a great series of games and a really fun handful of shows.

These photos were taken in the gym and at the pool at the Norfolk Marriott during Anime Mid-Atlantic.  Enjoy!



Hard to hold that pose in those heels.

Rob found the gloves for me.

Eep garters.

Look at me lifting weights! I’ll bet I can go heavier.

. . .

No, never mind.

Stilettos and Pilates ball can be friends.

Someone has a new Facebook profile pic.

Mirrors again?

Mirrors again.

That’s all the AMA pictures!  Now it’s time to get back to work preparing for Shore Leave.  Everyone stay cool!


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