Nekocon 2012 ~ The Con without a Saturday

So, as I have mentioned elsewhere and elsewhen, October and November have been, alternately, months from Hell and not-so-Hell.  1 October was my surgery, followed closely by Nana’s passing … then two cons in a row this month, followed by moving house.  Finally, I have a breather during which I can start going through things at something of an easy pace.

For example, Nekocon.

This was an interesting year for it.  I was a karaoke judge again, and had a table in Artists Alley.  HOWEVER.  JAM Project, which is pretty much my favourite band ever, had a concert that Saturday in Baltimore.  That’s … a many-hours drive.  So my plan was relatively simple: work Friday, stay in the room Friday night, work part of Saturday, have a friend handle the table for the rest of Saturday, head up to the concert, meet my husband Masaaki Endoh head back to Richmond overnight, then back to the con Sunday morning to finish things out.  Minus leaving my wallet in Richmond and being essentially exhausted come Sunday night, I’d say it all went … rather well.

Sadly, I have no JAM Project pictures — I was too taken with the show to even try — but I did gather some Neko-things.  And even some video.  THUS!

This year’s mascot designs.


Franziska the whip-girl.

Nice to see a Fifth Doctor out and about!

Cabbage Guy from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was very popular.


The awesome Brandon as an awesome Doctor.

Adorable Daleks!!!

Good to see some of the ranger contingent out …

Oh, right, and I mentioned I was in the Artists Alley for at least part of the weekend … well, to be fair I did do my share of stuff.  Honest.

Kelsey Wailes and I left interesting works of art on each other’s tables.

A commission I did over the weekend — Lina Inverse is fun to draw.

A guard hippo watching over my Prismacolors

Remember … if you see yourself in any of these pictures, grab ’em!

And so … I am slowly making my way through this backlog of stuff, and I may even make it up to here and now before I have more photos to add … good Lord.

Up next, the crazy fun I saw at Anime USA in D.C.!


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