AUSA Photoshoot: Race Queen

So years and years and years ago (okay, maybe just years and years), Yunmao dared me to design and make a race queen outfit.  I love the concept of them, and I design them myself for fun, though I rarely actually make what I draw.  This time, though, I did.

Last November, I decided it might be time to pull the costume back out, in large part because I wanted something else to wear and get photos of.  Once again, it’s Paul Karpey’s handiwork … and once again, just a pair of quick pics, but still very well done out in the cold of D.C.





And Yunmao has struck again, daring me to make yet another … someone else’s design this time.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  But I will say … it’s a tad skimpier than this one.

Oh, and if you’re here after seeing me at MarsCon … hello!  In the next few days I plan to start doing a photo-dump of all the awesome things I saw there.  In the meantime … time to start prepping at full steam for Katsucon next month!


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