MarsCon 2013 ~ The Masquerade

So this year, MarsCon added a bit to its programming and held a costume contest on Saturday evening.  There’s been a lot of costuming over the years, but this was the first official masquerade.  And though it was small and rough, it was a neat start to what I’m hoping will be a many-years-running tradition.

I did my best to get photos of everyone, but some (especially the kids) moved so quickly that I couldn’t get anything but blurs.  So next time you see a girl sitting in the audience and taking pictures with an iPhone with a GaoGaiGar case … HOOOOLD STIIIIILL!!!

At any rate, here goes.

Are you my mummy?

Are you my mummy?

2013-01-19 19.39.59

Ninja boy. His super power is everything.

2013-01-19 19.40.46

I really wanted this girl to be able to compete in the novice division but apparently a technicality kept her out.

2013-01-19 19.41.18

Bella as Romana II. Sorry for the blur; she’s quick.

2013-01-19 19.41.39

A hobbit …

2013-01-19 19.41.57

… and another hobbit.

2013-01-19 19.42.29

Pirate princess. Again, she was quick.

2013-01-19 19.44.04


2013-01-19 19.47.52

And now to the adults … and the first of the steampunk contingent.

2013-01-19 19.48.41

Bill and Ted … I wish they’d held still because they looked way cool.

2013-01-19 19.48.56

Aang the Avatar. As opposed to Ahng the Ahvatar.

2013-01-19 19.49.19

Apparently from Hetalia, equipped with real chicken wings.

2013-01-19 19.50.02

A satyr.

2013-01-19 19.50.31

Mary Sue goes to Hogwarts.

2013-01-19 19.51.07

Rainbow butterfly. Sigh. Hold stiiiiill.

2013-01-19 19.51.27

An alt-universe version of 10 and the Master.

2013-01-19 19.52.12

Paperman. Compete with paper airplanes.

2013-01-19 19.52.33

From Sword Art Online.

2013-01-19 19.53.13

A fast-mover from TF2.

2013-01-19 19.53.28

The Doctor can’t find K-9!

2013-01-19 19.54.03

A heavily-armed Scot.

2013-01-19 19.56.29

Original design steampunk.

2013-01-19 19.57.36

Way cool hunter girl.

2013-01-19 19.58.26

Rorschach was back again.

2013-01-19 20.00.26

Oh … er … hello there Cap’n.

2013-01-19 20.00.58

Six rounds out the Doctor Who contingent.

2013-01-19 20.01.54

Shiny armour … sad I couldn’t catch his curtsy.

2013-01-19 20.03.09

A carnival-style phoenix for rebirth. I love the Commedia dell’Arte style.

2013-01-19 20.10.15

The Sidhe are back, this time as characters from The Devil’s Carnival.

2013-01-19 20.12.39

Cailin as a steampunk phoenix.

As always, you know the deal.  If you see yourself, steal away, and if you want a link back, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Next up, courtesy of our friend Barb … expect a photo play-by-play of the Saturday afternoon Luna-C performance!


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