Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Madoka☆Magica

When I first saw Madoka Magica, it was just after my third surgery and I was on some heavy Percocet.  But even then, I could see what a fantastic show it was and I fell in love with the main character.  There was just one problem — I’m not a big fan of pink.  However, in Madoka’s case, she’s such a badass that I’m willing to make an exception.

Sadly, I couldn’t get the gloves done properly in time, so they’re missing the ‘petals,’ but I’m a bit pleased with how the rest turned out.  Again, thanks to Paul Karpey for taking the time to take some awesome photos, and for sharing them as quickly as he does.

And now …


so i pray never to forget … that being meguca was suffering


Decent view of the Soul Gem, which needs redoing.



I actually rather like this one.

I actually rather like this one.



A little side note on this costume — the lace used was actually given to me by my g’mother not long before she passed, along with a rather large bag of buttons and lace in general.  She was the one who taught me to sew, and though I could have gotten bigger flashier newer lace, this (which was apparently left over from baby clothes she made me decades ago) felt like the right stuff to use.

Next up, I’ve got photos from the big Ace Attorney shoot on Saturday.  Look forward to it … it was insane.


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