Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Smile PreCure!

Anyone who’s followed me for long enough knows by now that I’m a PreCure fan to all sorts of extremes.  To that end, I find myself making costumes from the various series on a semi-regular basis.  For Katsucon this year, I decided I wanted Cure March from Smile PreCure! on hand.  My friend Star Angel was going to have Cure Sunny ready, but real life intervened and our pair-up will have to wait ’til a later con.  (Though what I saw so far looks awfully good.)

I know I said I was going to put up Ace Attorney photos next, but there are about six dozen of those to go through and upload, and there are only a few of March.  So next time, I promise.  But for now, again courtesy of Paul Karpey, here are some PreCure pics.




Poor Nao and her ponytails

Poor Nao and her ponytails




Can’t wait to get pics of March and Sunny together!

The next post will be the last of the Katsucon photoshoots, so look forward to it!


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