AMA 13 ~ Stuff What I Did

So in addition to my photography and the photoshoots (again, stuff from those coming later), I not only run karaoke, but I have my own table in Artist Alley. Truly, I do keep myself busy as all get-out at cons.

Karaoke went great this year. We had the set-up time we needed, a lot of enthusiastic participants, and — as always — an awesome staff backing me up. I also got to try out something new: Nightmare Mode, in which two brave contestants signed up blind for songs I picked. They will be receiving neato trophies in the post.

The karaoke crowd.

The karaoke crowd.

Thanks again for coming out and being a part of the show. I’m looking forward to next year!

Also, thanks to the people who came out to my table.

My table, with badass banner layout by Mike.

My table, with badass banner layout by Mike.

One thing I’ve started doing recently is small art card commissions. They go for cheap and people seem to like him.  Here are a few from the weekend, which I hope their owners are enjoying:



Gunter from 'Adventure Time.' I was told to draw him 'being cute.'

Gunter from ‘Adventure Time.’ I was told to draw him ‘being cute.’

Youko Nakajima from 'Twelve Kingdoms.'

Youko Nakajima from ‘Twelve Kingdoms.’

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita

Soon, still soon, I’m hoping to have photos up of the shoots I did.  There was a PreCure one that evolved into two or three — that’s what I’d really like to show off.

’til then, stay tuned for more … Shore Leave prep has begun!



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