Shore Leave 35 ~ The Con with a Shatnerday

So I knew Shore Leave was going to be insane this year. Saturday was going to be slammed because William Shatner was the big Guest of Honor, and I was already slammed because I was prepping for other cons. Thus, in a horrific rare occurrence, I did not actually wear any of the costumes I brought outside of my stuff for Luna-C.

I know, right?

In the end, the sheer amount of people at the con tired me out, but I was able to do a thing or two.

Shore Leave is still in the same hotel, but it's become a Wyndham.

Shore Leave is still in the same hotel, but it’s become a Wyndham.

Well, I will say that one of my primary reasons for actually being excited this year — instead of just going along to see friends and do the show — is that Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 were both in attendance. I got their autographs and a picture with both of them, but the picture with both of them has me looking kind of doofy so here’s one of me from earlier in the con with just Eddie.


Let's be real, I still look doofy.

Let’s be real, I still look doofy.

Naturally I was there primarily for the Luna-C show, which went well. We even had birthday cake for Rachel afterwards.


Claudia for my first skit of the show. Speaking of Warehouse 13.


Dana is a professional.


Rachel’s minion cake getting brutally stabbed.

In the press of people, I still managed to stop a couple of cosplayers for photos …


I always love me a TARDIS.


I wasn’t expecting them.

This weekend (as with the following con) I roomed with Kelsey Wailes, whom you might know for her My Little Pony mods, Doctor Kawaii, etc. When I wasn’t hiding in my room, I took time to hang out with her and Captain Picard.


Who got everywhere.


I mean everywhere.


Seriously this dude needs to calm down.

I also made a friend.


Kelsey bought a Cloverfield monster.


Which liked me.

Because I wasn’t able to finish my new costume in time, I had to skip the masquerade — but that gave me a chance to catch up with friends.

Intervention would end up being two weekends later. And a lot busier for me. Look forward to that.


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