Katsucon ~ The Almost Doctor

So whilst at the Doctor Who meet-up, I thought it’d be a little cute to find two Eleventh Doctors with different-coloured boots — a la the ganger storyline from ‘The Rebel Flesh’/’The Almost People.’ Primarily, I thought it’d be a bit of a cool thing to send to Matthew Graham, to show him the whole cosplay thing in action with something he’d written. Fortunately, I found two guys who, while not prepared at the moment, promised to have everything exactly right the next day. (Apparently this had been a plan of theirs at some point anyway.)

So thanks ever so much to Justin and Evan for being super good sports about this. They have many other fine costumes as well, some of which you can see linked in the Doctor Who meet-up album from the previous entry.




‘It’s like we finish each other’s-‘ ‘Sandwiches!’


There are still more Katsucon photos to come, believe it or not, courtesy of Mr. Paul Karpey. Hang tight, because they will be coming … eventually!


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