Anime Mid-Atlantic 2013 ~ Smile PreCure!

Sorry that new entries (and old) have been so long in coming. It’s been a very busy time for me, and I’ve been sorting through photos when I’m not at cons to make sure I’ve got everything set.

So remember my Cure March costume from Katsucon? Well, I was supposed to have a Cure Sunny on hand (in the form of Star Angel), but she stays insanely busy with her other cons and movie work so she had to give it a miss. However! The two of us were prepared for AMA, and so were several photographers. You may remember seeing the photo of us with Yunmao Ayakawa, but here are a couple more. If you’re one of the photographers who got pics, leave me a comment, because I’d love to see more!

Catching the light at the last minute. This guy was good; I'd particularly like more of his pics.

Catching the light at the last minute. This guy was good; I’d particularly like more of his pics.

At the photo booth. I love how she managed to get the doorknob hair going.

At the photo booth. I love how she managed to get the doorknob hair going.

The problem with being PreCure fans is there’s like eight different teams (at the moment) and we keep wanting to do stuff from every season. So you may see more from us. We’ve talked about doing Black and White from Futari wa, just to have lighter wigs and give our necks a rest … but we’ll see.


AMA 13 ~ Stuff What I Did

So in addition to my photography and the photoshoots (again, stuff from those coming later), I not only run karaoke, but I have my own table in Artist Alley. Truly, I do keep myself busy as all get-out at cons.

Karaoke went great this year. We had the set-up time we needed, a lot of enthusiastic participants, and — as always — an awesome staff backing me up. I also got to try out something new: Nightmare Mode, in which two brave contestants signed up blind for songs I picked. They will be receiving neato trophies in the post.

The karaoke crowd.

The karaoke crowd.

Thanks again for coming out and being a part of the show. I’m looking forward to next year!

Also, thanks to the people who came out to my table.

My table, with badass banner layout by Mike.

My table, with badass banner layout by Mike.

One thing I’ve started doing recently is small art card commissions. They go for cheap and people seem to like him.  Here are a few from the weekend, which I hope their owners are enjoying:



Gunter from 'Adventure Time.' I was told to draw him 'being cute.'

Gunter from ‘Adventure Time.’ I was told to draw him ‘being cute.’

Youko Nakajima from 'Twelve Kingdoms.'

Youko Nakajima from ‘Twelve Kingdoms.’

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita

Soon, still soon, I’m hoping to have photos up of the shoots I did.  There was a PreCure one that evolved into two or three — that’s what I’d really like to show off.

’til then, stay tuned for more … Shore Leave prep has begun!


AMA 13 ~ Those Costumes

So Anime Mid-Atlantic is, for all intents and purposes, my home con. As far as I can remember, I haven’t missed a year, and I’ve been running their karaoke competition since 20*mrph*.  So I’m always glad to be back, and I’m always glad to be in a position to do new cosplay of my own, AND take photos of other people’s cosplay.

First up is the latter, simply because there’s so much. If you see yourself on here and want to grab your photo, go for it — and if you have a site you’d like me to link to, let me know and I’ll do so.


Angela is Cure Sunny, I'm Cure March, and Yunmao is ... Cure Gloomy?

Angela is Cure Sunny, I’m Cure March, and Yunmao is … Cure Gloomy?

My favourite version of Homura.

My favourite version of Homura.

Veronica cosplaying as Kazuki Yao -- voice actor cosplay.

Veronica cosplaying as Kazuki Yao — voice actor cosplay.

Don't bl-

Don’t bl-

How to bow properly.

How to bow properly.

A brief history of maids.

Yunmao presents a brief history of maids at her maid cafe panel.

Lauren doing adorable Usagi.

Lauren doing adorable Usagi.

I have a weakness for Chrysalis cosplay.

I have a weakness for Chrysalis cosplay.

First Thorin cosplay I've ever seen in person. NICE.

First Thorin cosplay I’ve ever seen in person. NICE.

He aims to misbehave.

He aims to misbehave.

Whereas she aims to PARTYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Whereas she aims to PARTYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Very nice Jareth (and in-character, too).

Very nice Jareth (and in-character, too).

Saeko gets things done.

Saeko gets things done.



Peggy and Rob as a pair o' Docs.

Peggy and Rob as a pair o’ Docs.



Adorable Madoka.

Adorable Madoka.

Sailor Captain America (her own design) and Son of Coul.

Sailor Captain America (her own design) and Son of Coul.



Thanks to everyone who stopped and let me take their photos.  If you would like even more, you can pop over to Yunmao’s blog (Japanese only) for pages and pages of stuff.

I’ll have more entries coming soon, covering my own activities there, so stay tuned. Maybe I can actually get this stuff done before my next con!

Photoshoot ~ Miles Edgeworth/御剣怜侍

Here we go … the first of my two new costumes from Anime Mid-Atlantic!

During my post-surgery recovery, my friend Veronica lent me the first two Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) games.  I’d heard a lot about them and been curious about them … and they were incredibly different to what I thought they’d be.  As of now I’ve played all four games in the series proper, and I’d started planning costumes for both Dahlia Hawthorne (美柳ちなみ) and Maya Fey (綾里真宵).

Then Yunmao dropped the suggestion that I’d make a good Edgeworth.

… now, this wasn’t one I’d immediately considered, but with it having been said, I had to give it a go.  The result?… apparently she was right, because the response has been huge.

So here you go … the Genius Prosecutor.  As done by me.  Oh my.

We found this corner of the Norfolk Marriott lobby that just looks like a library.

For the record, the book was just randomly on the shelf there and it’s about planes.


I wanted to do more table-slamming but it was a small table.

I was told to sit like Tom Hiddleston.

A lot of people like this one … so here ya go.


Um …


Okay, I admit it. This was my idea. I’m sorry. (Not sorry.)

So … I guess it worked out?

Okay then~

Next up, when I’ve got another breather, I’ll put up Excellen pics.  There’s a fair number of those, too …

Anime Mid-Atlantic 12 ~ The First Round of Photos

AMA snuck up on me and I didn’t finish everything I wanted to, but I still had fun and got to see a lot of people.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Karaoke was another rocking show this year, and I have big plans for next year … let’s just hope I can pull them off the way I’d like to.  As for the masquerade, the Lamarra sisters and I did a skit together and took home a Judge’s Choice award.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a video before long.

The big event of the weekend, though?  Getting to see Salia in concert again — twice!  She always puts on an awesome show, and she performed her new song ‘Trust in Me’ (which is awesome, by the way).  She even sang the OP to Cutey Honey Flash and the ED toGaoranger — the first two songs of hers I ever heard!

What I could attend of the rave was also awesome.  Rob and Jesse did a killer job, with voiceover by Mr. Richard Epcar mixed in.  I wish I could have stayed for more, but what I saw was more than worth the effort.

That’s enough of that … on to the photos!

For the Homestucks, here are a pair of registration trolls.

A lovely angel Stocking. I’m glad this show has taken off over here!

My Edgeworth cosplay attracted a Godot …

… and a genderswapped Nick. (Not shown — the cat ears she obtained later in the weekend.)

Sebastian from Black Butler, shot 1 …

… and shot 2.

The swag table included some Madagascar 3 goodies.

‘… but that all changed when the Afro Circus attacked.’

A Lina Inverse who walked by my table.

When I saw her SHIELD clearance badge, I realised that this young lady is in fact Pepper Potts!

Utterly stunning Madoka Magica group, with genderswapped Sayaka and Kyoko.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

To quote my friend Michael, ‘I feel safer already.’

Keep calm and cosplay Vocaloids.

A view of the karaoke crowd. Thanks for a great show, guys!


A little Battle Royale … remember when there were BR cosplayers everywhere?


Why the long face, Rob? You made enough to buy a freaking Xbox.

Hell yes Gokaiger!!!

Camittles as Rosalina. Adorable, no?

Bolin and Pabu — excellent work!

Cop Panty and Stocking!


Caught these two on Sunday.

This Alice cosplay makes me miss cosplaying Alice …


This is what happens when you put Expendables 2 swag near Madagascar 3 swag.

On Sunday I got to meet Salia after her second concert. She’s so nice and just adorable~

I’ll be posting photos of my own costumes before too much longer, so look forward to it.  If you see yourself in one of these photos and want it, go ahead and grab it!

AMA 2011: Terrible Utena Prom Dresses!

A bit back, my friend Camille (beautiful cosplay lady for whom I don’t actually have a good URL) suggested that a group of us make the terrible dresses from the end of the third episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Well, she already had it in her mind to make Utena’s, but she wanted some cosplay support.

Utena's wedding cake thing on the right ...


And that blue thing of Keiko's, also on the right.


Many years ago I did a Keiko cosplay with my college anime club, so I figured if I was going to do an Utena cosplay, it might as well be her.  We’d had a larger group planned, but things fell through, so it ended up being Camille and self.  Thus!

Random hall photo!

Pretty Utena and scheming Keiko.

Little does Utena know that Keiko's plotting an evil scheme to embarrass her girlfriend with a dissolving dress ... wait, what?


And when you wear an unfortunate dress, what’s the best thing to do?  That’s right …



Hoping in the next few days to have a few more pics of other costumes from AMA, including — gasp — some from last year!

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010 ~ Fujicakes!

I brought my pink Fujiko dress out of retirement by request, as my friends Gino, Ferru, and Josh wanted pictures of their Lupin III costumes.  I haven’t worn it for quite a while, and it needed some repairs, but I think it ended up looking all right.

You can see much, much older pics of Fujiko here.The line-up.  That’s Ferru as Jigen, me (of course) as Fujiko, Gino as Lupin, and Josh in his new Goemon costume.


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