Katsucon 2014 ~ Suite Suite Purikyua

More photos are rolling in! Star Angel and I got all PreCure again (expect this to keep happening, I think). This time, we did Hibiki and Kanade from Suite PreCure once more — in particular, from a very cute Hallowe’en calendar picture.


Though I forgot all the scrunchies I needed for mine, I think we turned out pretty well. Thanks as always to Paul Karpey for the great photos.

Kanade yo~

Kanade yo~















Tumblr keeps talking about Hibikana so I guess yeah.

Tumblr keeps talking about Hibikana so I guess yeah.





Still more photos to come … just got in the last set of pics from Katsu, and I’ve gone and done two photoshoots in a day elsewhere. Oh, and I’m going to a con soon. And finishing another costume for it. Busy busy.


Anime Mid-Atlantic 2013 ~ Smile PreCure!

Sorry that new entries (and old) have been so long in coming. It’s been a very busy time for me, and I’ve been sorting through photos when I’m not at cons to make sure I’ve got everything set.

So remember my Cure March costume from Katsucon? Well, I was supposed to have a Cure Sunny on hand (in the form of Star Angel), but she stays insanely busy with her other cons and movie work so she had to give it a miss. However! The two of us were prepared for AMA, and so were several photographers. You may remember seeing the photo of us with Yunmao Ayakawa, but here are a couple more. If you’re one of the photographers who got pics, leave me a comment, because I’d love to see more!

Catching the light at the last minute. This guy was good; I'd particularly like more of his pics.

Catching the light at the last minute. This guy was good; I’d particularly like more of his pics.

At the photo booth. I love how she managed to get the doorknob hair going.

At the photo booth. I love how she managed to get the doorknob hair going.

The problem with being PreCure fans is there’s like eight different teams (at the moment) and we keep wanting to do stuff from every season. So you may see more from us. We’ve talked about doing Black and White from Futari wa, just to have lighter wigs and give our necks a rest … but we’ll see.

Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Smile PreCure!

Anyone who’s followed me for long enough knows by now that I’m a PreCure fan to all sorts of extremes.  To that end, I find myself making costumes from the various series on a semi-regular basis.  For Katsucon this year, I decided I wanted Cure March from Smile PreCure! on hand.  My friend Star Angel was going to have Cure Sunny ready, but real life intervened and our pair-up will have to wait ’til a later con.  (Though what I saw so far looks awfully good.)

I know I said I was going to put up Ace Attorney photos next, but there are about six dozen of those to go through and upload, and there are only a few of March.  So next time, I promise.  But for now, again courtesy of Paul Karpey, here are some PreCure pics.




Okay, this was a long time in coming.  But I’m catching up to so many things now that it’s about time.

Myself, Angela, Megan (who did a lot of the awesome photos you’ve seen so far), and Viahna banded together this past Katsucon to cosplay Hibiki, Kanade, Eren, and Ako from Suite PreCure!, last year’s addition to the PreCure franchise.  We got awesome photos by badass cosplay photographer Paul Karpey.  We also had Hummy.  And colour-coordinate cupcakes.  Check them out!