Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Giant Ace Attorney Group!

And finally, at last, I get enough breathing room to put up these photos I’ve been dying to share — the massive Ace Attorney photoshoot from Saturday afternoon of Katsucon!  I lost track of how many of us ended up there, but it was a great time and a lot of great photos.  I had so much fun meeting all of you.

At my final count, we had … three Phoenixes of various eras, three Mayas, two Gumshoes, a Mia, a Diego, a Maggey, and an Edgeworth.  I don’t think I’ve missed any out … in other words, quite a group.

The photos are courtesy of both Paul Karpey and Veronica Lamarra.  If you see yourself in this group, let me know!  You can check out one of the Gumshoes here on Tumblr, and Linh’s still where she’s always been.

Also, thanks as always to Yunmao for being the one to talk me into cosplaying Edgeworth.  As I’ve said before, this is not one I would ever have thought of doing myself.

Early group shot.

Early group shot.

Biiiiig group!

Biiiiig group!





Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Ace Attorney 3

I finally had an excuse to bring out the Dahlia Hawthorne costume again — at a con, and for longer than just a few minutes onstage.  I was intending to bring it to the Ace Attorney gathering planned for Saturday afternoon, but then my friend Linh said she had something else she was bringing along … and the opportunity presented itself.


These guys!

Unfortunately, my wig was a mess because it needed rebraiding and got a little shook up on the car ride up, so you can see plenty of my lovely brown (slightly greying) hair out from under the wig.  Nonetheless, it was well fun, and Veronica did a great job of getting pics of us down by the fountain at the Gaylord.  Thus — Feenie and Dollie(??).


Photoshoot ~ Dahlia Hawthorne

It’s down to the wire for Shore Leave, and I’ve got one more costume to put the finishing touches on.  If you’re going to be there, be sure to come see Luna-C’s show at 5 PM.  We’ve got some new material lined up and everything.

This is one of the costumes I’m planning to take with me.  It’s Dahlia Hawthorne, the merry murderess from the third Ace Attorney game.  I knew I wanted to make this costume the moment I saw her … and then when I learned more about her, I didn’t change my mind.

Incidentally, these photos were taken at the very beautiful Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond.  Thanks to the people there for inviting us out to pose with the butterflies!

There’s a very pretty Japanese garden out there.


Photoshoot ~ Miles Edgeworth/御剣怜侍

Here we go … the first of my two new costumes from Anime Mid-Atlantic!

During my post-surgery recovery, my friend Veronica lent me the first two Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) games.  I’d heard a lot about them and been curious about them … and they were incredibly different to what I thought they’d be.  As of now I’ve played all four games in the series proper, and I’d started planning costumes for both Dahlia Hawthorne (美柳ちなみ) and Maya Fey (綾里真宵).

Then Yunmao dropped the suggestion that I’d make a good Edgeworth.

… now, this wasn’t one I’d immediately considered, but with it having been said, I had to give it a go.  The result?… apparently she was right, because the response has been huge.

So here you go … the Genius Prosecutor.  As done by me.  Oh my.

We found this corner of the Norfolk Marriott lobby that just looks like a library.

For the record, the book was just randomly on the shelf there and it’s about planes.


I wanted to do more table-slamming but it was a small table.

I was told to sit like Tom Hiddleston.

A lot of people like this one … so here ya go.


Um …


Okay, I admit it. This was my idea. I’m sorry. (Not sorry.)

So … I guess it worked out?

Okay then~

Next up, when I’ve got another breather, I’ll put up Excellen pics.  There’s a fair number of those, too …