Katsucon ~ GaoGaiGar FINAL

Hey, remember that weird orange dress I did at Nekocon? It’s back and it still looks weird!

Just as a reminder, this is Mikoto’s picnic dress from GaoGaiGar FINAL (albeit worn for only a couple minutes). I look tired as all get-out in these pictures, probably because I was. Thanks, as ever, to Paul Karpey for taking the time to take these!












Next up, I have two more shoots I did outside a con with a friend’s help. I am so pleased with those and I can’t wait to share them, but they may have to be divided up across two entries.

Remember that I will be at RavenCon this weekend doing some panels on art and cosplay. Come see me if you can!


Nekocon 2013 ~ Mikoto Utsugi

So if you’ve seen GaoGaiGar FINAL (and, I mean, who HASN’T …. erm), you know that there’s a brief scene where Mikoto is sort of Lotus Eater’d out and wearing this weird orange birthday cake dress while making a picnic and talking about how great it is to not fight. I don’t know what my deal what, but I decided to make it.

This is one of those costumes where you have to just not care if anyone ‘gets it’ or not — a couple people did, but they were friends and had mostly watched the show before I even did. Regardless, I’m rather pleased with it.

The two rows of lace were hand-sewn on, the wig is my old Mikoto wig from a previous costume (styled by my friend Jami because I suck with wigs), and the shoes are from one of my Ranka costumes … because, well, they match and we never actually see her shoes.

This is the one I like best.

This is the one I like best.

Decent shot of the side and that lace.

Decent shot of the side and that lace.

More photos incoming because more cons. Thanks to the people who complimented me on this one!