Katsucon Photoshoot ~ Smile PreCure!

Anyone who’s followed me for long enough knows by now that I’m a PreCure fan to all sorts of extremes.  To that end, I find myself making costumes from the various series on a semi-regular basis.  For Katsucon this year, I decided I wanted Cure March from Smile PreCure! on hand.  My friend Star Angel was going to have Cure Sunny ready, but real life intervened and our pair-up will have to wait ’til a later con.  (Though what I saw so far looks awfully good.)

I know I said I was going to put up Ace Attorney photos next, but there are about six dozen of those to go through and upload, and there are only a few of March.  So next time, I promise.  But for now, again courtesy of Paul Karpey, here are some PreCure pics.