Photoshoot ~ Excellen Browning

I love Super Robot Wars (both the anime and the games — I’m actually playing my way through the end of Destiny and α2 right now), and Excellen’s been my favourite character ever since we first met her.  It’s a cosplay I’ve put off doing for years, but I finally got around to it.  It’s not as recognisable as a lot I do, but when someone knows who it is?  It’s fantastic.

There really needs to be more SRW love, because it’s a great series of games and a really fun handful of shows.

These photos were taken in the gym and at the pool at the Norfolk Marriott during Anime Mid-Atlantic.  Enjoy!



Hard to hold that pose in those heels.

Rob found the gloves for me.

Eep garters.

Look at me lifting weights! I’ll bet I can go heavier.

. . .

No, never mind.

Stilettos and Pilates ball can be friends.

Someone has a new Facebook profile pic.

Mirrors again?

Mirrors again.

That’s all the AMA pictures!  Now it’s time to get back to work preparing for Shore Leave.  Everyone stay cool!


Photoshoot ~ Miles Edgeworth/御剣怜侍

Here we go … the first of my two new costumes from Anime Mid-Atlantic!

During my post-surgery recovery, my friend Veronica lent me the first two Ace Attorney (逆転裁判) games.  I’d heard a lot about them and been curious about them … and they were incredibly different to what I thought they’d be.  As of now I’ve played all four games in the series proper, and I’d started planning costumes for both Dahlia Hawthorne (美柳ちなみ) and Maya Fey (綾里真宵).

Then Yunmao dropped the suggestion that I’d make a good Edgeworth.

… now, this wasn’t one I’d immediately considered, but with it having been said, I had to give it a go.  The result?… apparently she was right, because the response has been huge.

So here you go … the Genius Prosecutor.  As done by me.  Oh my.

We found this corner of the Norfolk Marriott lobby that just looks like a library.

For the record, the book was just randomly on the shelf there and it’s about planes.


I wanted to do more table-slamming but it was a small table.

I was told to sit like Tom Hiddleston.

A lot of people like this one … so here ya go.


Um …


Okay, I admit it. This was my idea. I’m sorry. (Not sorry.)

So … I guess it worked out?

Okay then~

Next up, when I’ve got another breather, I’ll put up Excellen pics.  There’s a fair number of those, too …

Photoshoot ~ Misato Katsuragi


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted in here, and now I’ve got about three things to tell people about before my next convention this month.

I was finally allowed to get away from the apartment post-surgery around Christmas, and I’ve been loath to sit at home doing nothing ever since.  Most of all, I’ve been pleased to be out and about to do photoshoots with Megan again.

One costume I’ve had sitting around is Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and here’s the thing about that one: I’d never considered doing this until Yunmao said I’d pull it off well.  The fact of the matter is, I figured there weren’t any Eva characters I could do well, where as she’s pulled off both Mari and Asuka.  But she suggested this, several people backed it up, and this happened.

We took the photos at Megan’s friend Pete’s apartment complex — a very high-end place enough within Richmond proper to get a nice skyline full of buildings.  Perfect for this character.





Photoshoot ~ Loli … goth … thing.

So I was planning to get photos taken of my Misato costume, but it wasn’t done in time for the shoot.  (It’s done now, though, so expect pics of it before too much longer.)  So instead, I headed up to Megan’s place with a dress Kami gave me and a few random wigs.  With the help of some of Megan’s very cool accessories, we assembled a neat outfit for a photoshoot at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

I’d never been out there, but it’s a very cool place, with many famous historical figures buried there and a lot of wild headstones and mausoleums.  So a lot of neat spots for photos.  It was a hot day out, but despite that and a lot of uphill walking, we had good fun.

It was a little windy, but that made the wig look so cool ...

I bought this watch about a year ago at Shore Leave. Love it.

Megan loves taking pictures of hands. But these are also awesome gloves.

In a mausoleum toward the far end of the cemetery.

This is gonna be my album cover when I become a rock star.

And then we went back to Megan’s place and ate pizza and watched Ashes to Ashes.   A pretty great Saturday. ♥

One very cool thing at the cemetery is the Iron Dog — a great big dog statue that stands guard over a little girl’s grave.  Apparently it’s the stuff of local legend in Richmond.

The picture is from the blog Richmond on the James, which also has a bit of story about the origin of the dog and its relocation to the gravesite.

Unfortunately, I’m having to cancel my trip to NADWcon, which means I won’t be showing off the Susan Sto Helit costume I was hoping to finish … maybe before long.  I have two others to show off, after all.  ネクスト….. ミサト!!!!

Photoshoot ~ Alex Drake

I’ve had a lot of things (both pleasant and unpleasant) going on in the ol’ life lately — death of a pet, injury that’s going to require physical therapy , eksettara — and sadly, these things have prevented me from doing my RavenCon report like I’ve been wanting to.  I promise within the next week you’ll see some super Luna-C stuff courtesy of our awesome photographer and videographer.

A bit back I posted some pics and video of my Alex Drake costume from Ashes to Ashes.  Well, the lovely Megan — having now seen a bit of the first series of said show after finishing Life on Mars — asked if I’d bring the dress up to her place for some photos.  Full makeup, a good 20 minutes of curling (and far more waiting) to get my hair pretty damn close to proper, and some absolutely astounding locations made for a very nice photoshoot indeed.

A clip for the uninformed (and sadly, BBC America has only shown two of the three series and doesn’t seem to want to put out DVDs) …

And now, here’s my version:

For those familiar with the show, particularly the first episode — is that bridge not utterly perfect?  It’s in Richmond, as are the rest of the locations.


Photoshoot ~ Bessie Argine

So I’ve been a bit distressed at just how many of my cosplay photos (i.e., almost all of them) are in hotel hallways, and I figured something needed to be done about this quite badly.  I’ve never actually done a proper photoshoot, and my friend Megan said she’d be all over helping me with that.

When I went to see her this past weekend, she said to bring a costume with me and we’d see what we could do.  I’ve had a couple decent photos here of one I designed for one of my comics (an important character, just biding my time introducing her). Honestly, the only thing I’ve been missing from this costume is a good long wig — her hair is meant to be rather long and pinned up like she’s always in a hurry and can’t be bothered.  Megan just happened to have something perfect.

Given it’s something of a Victorian setting, she took us out to Maymont, an old estate with gardens and carriages and all manner of shiny things.  We headed out late in the day, so the natural light was pretty amazing.

And I’m not even gonna try to sound like an expert here.  On with the pics. More