RavenCon 2011: Bringing the Luna-C

All righty, after way way too long comes my RavenCon (albeit mostly Luna-C) summing-up.  It’s been crazy here just trying to find time to do this, but here we are!

Sadly, I ended up spending a good portion of the convention holed up in my room due to the aforementioned bum knee, but I did make it out to a couple of panels and parties.  Capclave threw a great one that I spent pretty much my entire Friday night at, and thanks to them for both the party-time and the variety of free books.

The first bit of Friday night was Luna-C improv, and thanks to those who came out for that, especially those who took the time to write up suggestions for our humble comedy stylings.  I hosted this time rather than straining my leg onstage, and I’ll say making the buzzer go was rather fun.  It’s entertaining to toy with people that way — though after having seen about twenty episodes of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, I suddenly have dozens more ideas I wish I’d had available to me for the games this past time.

The central bit of the weekend, though — for me, at least — obviously the Luna-C Saturday night show!  Thanks to Barb Fischer for the stealable photos.  No video just yet, but perhaps before long (and with the permission of our fearless leader) I can rip a skit or two.

I actually wasn’t in many skits this time, but we had a fairly packed show with a fairly packed cast.  We did the majority of these at MarsCon as well, but I figure you could use the reminders (and some new pics), yeah?

First up, our lovely Ape App skit — apparently when parodying a certain tiny church protesting, the writer of the skit didn’t know that said certain tiny church had actually protested San Diego Comic Con.  Which only makes the skit better.

There's an APE for that!!!

Second was one of my personal faves, featuring two Masters fighting with each other about how Mr. Saxon has gotten, erm, a bit soft.  And food-obsessed.  And far too willing to emulate the Doctor and help him save the universe from Timothy Dalton.

One thing we started doing at MarsCon, as you may recall, is the Geico commercial parodies.  Apparently this one was a reference to True Blood, which I fear I’ve never seen … but apparently telepaths really do make good waitresses.  I don’t usually play this role, but our regular for the part couldn’t make it in for Raven, and thus it fell to me to wear that wig.

'We're all out of your favourite beer, but we do have your second favourite.'

The first of our two Twilight skits (which ends with another True Blood reference, it seems — perhaps I should just man up and see this show) was ‘Pro-Fic Writer’ once again.  Any excuse to get Dwight and Cheri playing Edward and Bella, as far as I’m concerned, is a good one.

Oh, hey, remember my triumphant turn as Eleven?  Yeah, he’s back again in that there Geico parody.  I’ll admit that I’ve started to enjoy playing him, to the point that we’re hashing out a couple more skits featuring Mr. Smith’s Doctor.  More on that later — don’t want to spoil it.

'Is THIS your card?!'

Remember the Fringe skit I mentioned last time?  Well, I’ve got a new action pic of Susan having her head slammed into a table by a giant cat.

Makes sense in context, I swear.

We whipped up a new Firefly skit as well, featuring De as Jayne — he does a magnificent job of that.

'What's the MATTER with my cunnin' hat?'

Another we’ve done before is one more ‘There’s an app for that’ parody.  Sadly, Ensign Redshirt couldn’t get the proper app downloaded in time to save himself from … uh.  That thing.

The Primeval skit was back, too, and (in my opinion) with the extra practice on the physical bits ran a lot more quickly.  I’m pretty sure Rick gave Mike a ‘close call’ hit that the audience actually winced at.

Ooh, ooh!   One of my faves was back this time, too!  The Firefly skit featuring ‘Malware’.  And not just because I’m in it and get to throw shiny underwear around.  Well, that’s a major part of it, too.

The audience totally beat us to the joke.

An encore performance of MarsCon’s Twilight skit, this time featuring Rick as the old-school vampire since Chris couldn’t make it out, either.  I can see why they vie for playing this part.  It looks fun.

An oldie but goodie featuring Spock training with Yoda … with the new Abrams Star Trek reboot, we can use the excuse that it’s young Spock being sent away to train by his older self.  I only showed up at the end, so that Spock could be encouraged to demonstrate pon farr.

Hmm ... that dress looks familiar.

And finally, a super-sweet Harry Potter skit that’s apparently a retooling of a Xena: Warrior Princess skit from the Before Times.  Whilst on their Deathly Hallows camping trip, Hermione teaches Harry and Ron the basics of outdoor cooking whilst they beat up a variety of similar-looking Death Eaters.

A very well-done skit and a good closer, I thought.

That’s all for Luna-C for the year — well, for me, anyway.  A contingent may still be going to Shore Leave, but several of us are taking off for a Discworld convention up north that same weekend.  Next up for me?  Anime Mid-Atlantic and new costumes.  Including the ugliest prom dress ever.  Bah, you’ll see what I mean soon.

In the meantime, Yunmao has started posting her Katsucon report, starting here.  Yes, it’s only in Japanese, but even if you can’t read it you can still look at the pretty pictures.