MarsCon 2014 ~ No-Snow-Con

Usually MarsCon gets snowed in or iced over, but for some reason this year it decided to wait a couple weeks to pull that on us. So, while it was a bit on the chilly side, it was still possible to get around town and go outside and things.

As always, MarsCon is pretty laid-back, and I had a chance to snap a few photos of neat costumes while I was chilling.

The first people I saw upon arrival.

The first people I saw upon arrival.

Hey, Doctor ... your friend is fat.

Hey, Doctor … your friend is fat.

Did a commission for this guy of himself dressed as Jayne -- as seen here.

Did a commission for this guy of himself dressed as Jayne — as seen here.

That is some damn gorgeous GoT stuff going on.

That is some damn gorgeous GoT stuff going on.



Naturally, I was also there with Luna-C — and given the events of the last couple months, our show had a distinctly Whovian skew. Including a skit where the Ghosts of Doctors Past, Present, and Yet to Come had a little something to say about making kids cry on Christmas.

Posing with (a cardboard cutout of) Matt Smith.

Posing with (a cardboard cutout of) Matt Smith.

The Ghost of Doctors Yet to Come.

The Ghost of Doctors Yet to Come.

Was also thrilled to get a little hangout time with some of the Tangent Artists (and took them on their very first Cook-Out run), and had some quality Cards Against Humanity time with them and some other friends.

Sorry, I meant Cards Against HumaniTEA.

Possibly the nerdiest teapot ever.

Possibly the nerdiest teapot ever.

So yeah. If you found me at my table or after the show or elsewise, hello and nice to meet you! Up next, just a few random pictures of one of my newest costumes. Of which I’m rather proud. Next up, Katsucon!



Shore Leave 35 ~ The Con with a Shatnerday

So I knew Shore Leave was going to be insane this year. Saturday was going to be slammed because William Shatner was the big Guest of Honor, and I was already slammed because I was prepping for other cons. Thus, in a horrific rare occurrence, I did not actually wear any of the costumes I brought outside of my stuff for Luna-C.

I know, right?

In the end, the sheer amount of people at the con tired me out, but I was able to do a thing or two.

Shore Leave is still in the same hotel, but it's become a Wyndham.

Shore Leave is still in the same hotel, but it’s become a Wyndham.

Well, I will say that one of my primary reasons for actually being excited this year — instead of just going along to see friends and do the show — is that Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 were both in attendance. I got their autographs and a picture with both of them, but the picture with both of them has me looking kind of doofy so here’s one of me from earlier in the con with just Eddie.


Let's be real, I still look doofy.

Let’s be real, I still look doofy.

Naturally I was there primarily for the Luna-C show, which went well. We even had birthday cake for Rachel afterwards.


Claudia for my first skit of the show. Speaking of Warehouse 13.


Dana is a professional.


Rachel’s minion cake getting brutally stabbed.

In the press of people, I still managed to stop a couple of cosplayers for photos …


I always love me a TARDIS.


I wasn’t expecting them.

This weekend (as with the following con) I roomed with Kelsey Wailes, whom you might know for her My Little Pony mods, Doctor Kawaii, etc. When I wasn’t hiding in my room, I took time to hang out with her and Captain Picard.


Who got everywhere.


I mean everywhere.


Seriously this dude needs to calm down.

I also made a friend.


Kelsey bought a Cloverfield monster.


Which liked me.

Because I wasn’t able to finish my new costume in time, I had to skip the masquerade — but that gave me a chance to catch up with friends.

Intervention would end up being two weekends later. And a lot busier for me. Look forward to that.

RavenCon 2013 ~ Rovin’ Con

This is one of the cons where I tend not to have a table, though that may be changing next year.  It’s also one of the cons where I tend to perform with Luna-C.  However, since they’re switching out the entertainment for a couple of years, the most I had on my plate were a couple of panels.

As always, want to thank the RavenCon staff for inviting me to take part.

Now, because I didn’t have a table, I didn’t have costumes going by every few seconds.  I also had to miss the masquerade because … well … food.  So I fear photos are a bit scant this year, but the ones I did find were very neat.

I wear a TARDIS now.

I wear a TARDIS now.

Ja(y)ne?  And Mal.

Ja(y)ne? And Mal.

The 501st went all-out.

The 501st went all-out.

Lovely Asian-inspired outfit.

Lovely Asian-inspired outfit.

Red Riding Hook got clawed.

Red Riding Hood got clawed.

Lovely steampunk ladies who are apparently opening an online shop.

Lovely steampunk ladies who are apparently opening an online shop.

One of the first I saw over the weekend.

One of the first I saw over the weekend.



Monica of Tangent Artists as Marty McFly.

Monica of Tangent Artists as Marty McFly.

I saw this dude at Nekocon initially.

I saw this dude at Nekocon initially.

Reversing the polarity didn't help.

Reversing the polarity didn’t help.

Bow ties are cool.

Bow ties are cool.

Angela's Peter Pan lolita coords.

Angela’s Peter Pan lolita coords.

Jack, is that you?

Jack, is that you?

I also made sure to make a stop-off at the Capclave party.  If you’re not familiar with them, they are a way-cool literary sci-fi convention (I’ve been told — never been but I’d like to go) and they throw way-cool parties.  Not only did they mix it up with a 1984/Brave New World theme, they also (as always) had piles and piles of free books looking for new homes.  One of my favourite places to drop in when I see them at a con.

Any excuse to wear Shaz to a party.

Any excuse to wear Shaz to a party.

I was an Epsilon last year, so I'll take it.

I was an Epsilon last year, so I’ll take it.

Given a bit of time, as I’m doing some writing for other projects, I will add a few photos of my own new (for the most part) costumes.  Remember, if you see yourself in any of these photos, steal ’em for your own use.  If you have a link you’d like me to post here, let me know and I’ll do so!

Shore Leave 2012!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it …?

Well, it’s been a busy half a year for me.  In summer I discovered I’d need more surgery.  In October I had that surgery … and later that month I lost my grandmother after her battle with pancreatic cancer.  This month I got right back on my horse and did two conventions in a row … and then moved, albeit right up the street.

And that’s why I’m so far behind, your Honour.

But let’s get back on track again, shall we?  In August I went to Shore Leave … as I always do. I wouldn’t call it a ‘home’ con per se, but I’ve gotten very used to being there.  Partly because of Luna-C, but partly because it tends to be comfortable and not particularly cramped or crowded.  Not for me, at least.

Was lovely performing with Luna-C again, naturally.  And seeing Keith DeCandido, who’s got a few new books coming out in the near future (check out his blog for more on that).  I also trotted out a few new costumes, including my first time wearing Dahlia to a convention.  But more on that later.

This year’s costumes were wicked cool.  I can’t even begin to … ah, well, I’ll show you.


Dat DeLorean. So movie-accurate it’s not even funny.


We meet again, Hunt Valley.


RavenCon 2012 ~ Me and my new iPod Touch

RavenCon was an interesting one for me.  I had delayed complications from my surgery, so I wasn’t able to do nearly as much as I’d hoped.  For one thing, I had to skip out on Luna-C improv night and ended up spending the evening in the room drawing short comics and watching Takashi Miike movies off Crunchyroll.

The Luna-C variety show, incidentally, did go well.  We had a lively crowd and plenty of new material.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos because our usual photographer had a panel opposite the show.  However, I did manage to click a few things of my own in between.

RavenCon is becoming more and more of a costume-friendly convention as time goes on, so there was some nice stuff to see.  There was also some nice food to see … then again, this is Richmond.

Spock sports this year’s shirt.


MarsCon 2012!

I think I’ve mentioned before that MarsCon was my first ever convention.  I’ve been going since I was 18 and … well … I’m 30 now, so that should say something.  I’ve been going there longer than many cons have even existed.

Well, it’s 2012, so a lot of cons have this sort of ‘End of the World’ vibe going on.  In this case: zombie apocalypse.

This friendly fella was out front for photo-ops.

I know zombies are a big thing right now with The Walking Dead going on, and they’re in danger of being overdone … but you’ve gotta admit, they had some pretty cool signs out.

This led to Main Programming.

And this led to their con suite, which actually served full free meals to all the congoers all weekend.

Artist/Author Alley was, as it has been for a few years, arranged around the outer edge of Main Programming.  This means you get several people walking through and you get to watch a lot of the events, but it can be tough when you want to talk to people and possibly sell a few books.  Regardless, I got to sit next to Barb and Chris for the weekend, so this was a good thing.

Impink was his usual calm and collected self.

Now, in all my years of going, I’ve never actually made Opening Ceremonies, so I didn’t know the joy of their champagne toast.  That’s right.  Free champagne (or non-alcoholic equivalent) for all gathered, to start the con.


This is how I started my MarsCon 2012 experience.

Being as I was stationary for a good part of the weekend, I was able to sit back and catch some other people’s costumes for a change:

Adorable 'Doctor Who' girls.

I worked on this costume for myself but never finished -- that's a real razor (but dulled)!

A punk goth zombie girl who came by my table a few times.

Had to get a picture of Michael!

... oh.

A lovely full-sized two-person puppet from Fuzz & Stuffing!

Alice and Luigi zombie kids ... O_O;;;

Well, as you may have guessed, I didn’t get to do much costume-wearing of my own.  I forgot my wig cap (dummy), and I was in the Motel 6 across the way anyway.

I ended up sitting two panels, though.  The webcomic panel was very fun.  Our annual Doctor Who panel, sadly, did not go so well.  To put it as diplomatically as possible, there was a bit of disruption from people there, and the moderators lost control.  I felt bad later when I went to parties and heard that people were rather displeased with it.  Hopefully next year we can do it properly again.

The panel attendees before the whole thing went wiggy.

This is just a shark balloon.

And this is just a ... hm.

All things considered, it was a good con.  I got to meet some cool people at my table, the Luna-C show went well (and I will be posting pics and things from it in a later entry), and I got to see people I pretty much never see but once or twice a year.  With the exception of that one fiasco, it was a great time.

And I’ll be going back next year.  Provided we all survive.

RavenCon 2011: Bringing the Luna-C

All righty, after way way too long comes my RavenCon (albeit mostly Luna-C) summing-up.  It’s been crazy here just trying to find time to do this, but here we are!

Sadly, I ended up spending a good portion of the convention holed up in my room due to the aforementioned bum knee, but I did make it out to a couple of panels and parties.  Capclave threw a great one that I spent pretty much my entire Friday night at, and thanks to them for both the party-time and the variety of free books.

The first bit of Friday night was Luna-C improv, and thanks to those who came out for that, especially those who took the time to write up suggestions for our humble comedy stylings.  I hosted this time rather than straining my leg onstage, and I’ll say making the buzzer go was rather fun.  It’s entertaining to toy with people that way — though after having seen about twenty episodes of Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, I suddenly have dozens more ideas I wish I’d had available to me for the games this past time.

The central bit of the weekend, though — for me, at least — obviously the Luna-C Saturday night show!  Thanks to Barb Fischer for the stealable photos.  No video just yet, but perhaps before long (and with the permission of our fearless leader) I can rip a skit or two.

I actually wasn’t in many skits this time, but we had a fairly packed show with a fairly packed cast.  We did the majority of these at MarsCon as well, but I figure you could use the reminders (and some new pics), yeah?

First up, our lovely Ape App skit — apparently when parodying a certain tiny church protesting, the writer of the skit didn’t know that said certain tiny church had actually protested San Diego Comic Con.  Which only makes the skit better.

There's an APE for that!!!

Second was one of my personal faves, featuring two Masters fighting with each other about how Mr. Saxon has gotten, erm, a bit soft.  And food-obsessed.  And far too willing to emulate the Doctor and help him save the universe from Timothy Dalton.

One thing we started doing at MarsCon, as you may recall, is the Geico commercial parodies.  Apparently this one was a reference to True Blood, which I fear I’ve never seen … but apparently telepaths really do make good waitresses.  I don’t usually play this role, but our regular for the part couldn’t make it in for Raven, and thus it fell to me to wear that wig.

'We're all out of your favourite beer, but we do have your second favourite.'

The first of our two Twilight skits (which ends with another True Blood reference, it seems — perhaps I should just man up and see this show) was ‘Pro-Fic Writer’ once again.  Any excuse to get Dwight and Cheri playing Edward and Bella, as far as I’m concerned, is a good one.

Oh, hey, remember my triumphant turn as Eleven?  Yeah, he’s back again in that there Geico parody.  I’ll admit that I’ve started to enjoy playing him, to the point that we’re hashing out a couple more skits featuring Mr. Smith’s Doctor.  More on that later — don’t want to spoil it.

'Is THIS your card?!'

Remember the Fringe skit I mentioned last time?  Well, I’ve got a new action pic of Susan having her head slammed into a table by a giant cat.

Makes sense in context, I swear.

We whipped up a new Firefly skit as well, featuring De as Jayne — he does a magnificent job of that.

'What's the MATTER with my cunnin' hat?'

Another we’ve done before is one more ‘There’s an app for that’ parody.  Sadly, Ensign Redshirt couldn’t get the proper app downloaded in time to save himself from … uh.  That thing.

The Primeval skit was back, too, and (in my opinion) with the extra practice on the physical bits ran a lot more quickly.  I’m pretty sure Rick gave Mike a ‘close call’ hit that the audience actually winced at.

Ooh, ooh!   One of my faves was back this time, too!  The Firefly skit featuring ‘Malware’.  And not just because I’m in it and get to throw shiny underwear around.  Well, that’s a major part of it, too.

The audience totally beat us to the joke.

An encore performance of MarsCon’s Twilight skit, this time featuring Rick as the old-school vampire since Chris couldn’t make it out, either.  I can see why they vie for playing this part.  It looks fun.

An oldie but goodie featuring Spock training with Yoda … with the new Abrams Star Trek reboot, we can use the excuse that it’s young Spock being sent away to train by his older self.  I only showed up at the end, so that Spock could be encouraged to demonstrate pon farr.

Hmm ... that dress looks familiar.

And finally, a super-sweet Harry Potter skit that’s apparently a retooling of a Xena: Warrior Princess skit from the Before Times.  Whilst on their Deathly Hallows camping trip, Hermione teaches Harry and Ron the basics of outdoor cooking whilst they beat up a variety of similar-looking Death Eaters.

A very well-done skit and a good closer, I thought.

That’s all for Luna-C for the year — well, for me, anyway.  A contingent may still be going to Shore Leave, but several of us are taking off for a Discworld convention up north that same weekend.  Next up for me?  Anime Mid-Atlantic and new costumes.  Including the ugliest prom dress ever.  Bah, you’ll see what I mean soon.

In the meantime, Yunmao has started posting her Katsucon report, starting here.  Yes, it’s only in Japanese, but even if you can’t read it you can still look at the pretty pictures.