AUSA Photoshoot: Shaz Granger

Okay, first off … wow!  Hello to all my new readers who came in via AUSA’s link on Twitter.  I hope everyone grabbed pictures of themselves if they found them — and if you see yourself and want your name and/or a link to your blog added, let me know and I’ll be glad to.

I’m headed off to MarsCon in Williamsburg this weekend, where I’ll be doing some webcomickry as well as performing with Luna-C and premiering some new costumes (depending on how these next couple days go).  I’ll also be sharing a room with Star Angel, one of the awesomest cosplayer types I know and one whom I don’t get to see much except at cons.

Back at Shore Leave, I finally premiered a costume I’d been wanting to do for a while: Shaz from Ashes to Ashes.  I’ve done two of her outfits total, but this is the one I’m most pleased with.


Shaz wears this in episode 5 of series 3, during the police charity show and for one scene after.  It’s a strange little outfit — teal brocade, some sort of sparkly-lace stockings, lace shrug, and that weird little Tim Burton-y pillbox hat.  Despite taking place in the early 1980s, the final series of the show went completely left by way of theme ad imagery … so it makes at least a bit of sense that this dress doesn’t really appear to be from any particular time period.



The brocade is darker than what was seen in the show, but it was all I could find — and even that was imported and a bit expensive.  It was a beast to work with, because it liked to fray all over the place.  I made the hat myself, and when it came to the red stripes … well, I painted those myself.  Thank God for a steady hand.

It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever made, but I’m so pleased with it that I take it to conventions and wait for excuses to wear it.

But what pleases me most about the costume is the fact that Matthew Graham — co-creator/writer of the Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes metaseries — saw the costume and proclaimed it perfect.  I couldn’t ask for higher praise than that.



This dress did fit differently at Anime USA, though — I made it pre-surgery and wore it to Shore Leave, and wore this a month and a half after the surgery (so the two wearings were five months apart).  I’d lost a significant amount of weight — so where before it fit tight here and there, I had to do a little extra by way of making sure it stayed up properly!

These photos are by the as-ever-wonderful Paul Karpey … we didn’t do a lot of poses or a long shoot, but what he did (as always) looks great.  He also did some pictures of another costume I haven’t worn in a while … but that’ll be for the next update, hopefully tomorrow.




Photoshoot ~ Alex Drake

I’ve had a lot of things (both pleasant and unpleasant) going on in the ol’ life lately — death of a pet, injury that’s going to require physical therapy , eksettara — and sadly, these things have prevented me from doing my RavenCon report like I’ve been wanting to.  I promise within the next week you’ll see some super Luna-C stuff courtesy of our awesome photographer and videographer.

A bit back I posted some pics and video of my Alex Drake costume from Ashes to Ashes.  Well, the lovely Megan — having now seen a bit of the first series of said show after finishing Life on Mars — asked if I’d bring the dress up to her place for some photos.  Full makeup, a good 20 minutes of curling (and far more waiting) to get my hair pretty damn close to proper, and some absolutely astounding locations made for a very nice photoshoot indeed.

A clip for the uninformed (and sadly, BBC America has only shown two of the three series and doesn’t seem to want to put out DVDs) …

And now, here’s my version:

For those familiar with the show, particularly the first episode — is that bridge not utterly perfect?  It’s in Richmond, as are the rest of the locations.